Doing our part

Calvin Coolidge once said, “We cannot do everything at once but we can do something at once.”

Ride, donate, or just pass this on to others. It doesn’t matter which. Get involved. Do something.

From my friend Rick Spearman:

Good stories start out with, “So there I was . . .”

So there I was . . . walking into the Pentagon one morning when this big Army NCO passed by me like a man on a mission. As he walked by, I saw the glint of titanium where pants and boots came together. Not in just one leg, but in both.

Being a naturally shy person, I stopped him and asked what happened to his legs. He explained he’d lost both his legs to a roadside bomb in Iraq. We talked a while longer about his work to recover and what he was doing now. I asked him the biggest difference he noticed between the legs the Good Lord had given him and the new ones, and he said, “Well Sir, I notice my feet don’t seem to get as cold.”

Nothing much to do after that but thank him for his service and watch in wonder has he walked away. I did have a passing thought, though, about how great it would be to give a little something back to a guy like that.

Shortly after that, I heard about the Face of America Bike Ride. Face of America is a 110-mile bike ride from Washington DC to Gettysburg, PA that provides the opportunity for able-bodied bike riders to spend time on the road with riders who have been wounded serving the country. This year’s ride is April 27-29, starting at the Pentagon and ending in the middle of Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

The ride, created by World T.E.A.M Sports in conjunction with the Walter Reed National Medical Center, gives participants a unique opportunity to honor America’s warfighters who have been wounded, as they set and achieve new goals. I got so much out of this experience last year that I want to make a yearly event out of participating with these great Americans and honoring their service and sacrifice.

This is where I ask you for your support. Last year, with the help of some very generous contributors, I was able to raise more than $3,500 for this great cause. Wounded veterans pay no fees to participate. The rest of us raise funds to support the event and pay all costs for the wounded warriors who ride. This year, I’m asking everyone I know to contribute to this effort by going to my website to make a contribution.

If you don’t have access to the Internet or prefer to send a check payable to “Face of America Bike Ride,” please send to this address:

Face of America Bike Ride 2012
Attn: Rick Spearman
7003 Ferguson Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

This is really much more than a bike ride. It’s an opportunity to share stories and build camaraderie with America’s wounded warriors. It’s a way to honor their service and celebrate the American spirit. I’d appreciate your contributions to this worthy cause and am available to answer any questions you might have at either or 540-287-3256.

Thanks very much, Rick

Since 1987, our organization has created and organized inspiring events worldwide, including the AXA World Ride, Vietnam Challenge, Sea to Shining Sea cross-country rides, Soldiers to the Summit wounded warrior events and expeditions, the Coastal TEAM Challenge, the annual TEAM Challenge in Colorado and several Face of America rides.

World T.E.A.M Sports is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Support comes primarily from individual and corporate donations and sponsorships.


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One Response to Doing our part

  1. Great story from Rick Spearman about our World T.E.A.M. Sports’ 2012 Face of America ride this April 27-29. In addition to donations for participating riders, our non-profit organization also welcomes new participants. It is a life-changing experience to ride side-by-side with wounded warriors from our nation’s military.

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