The Bots the Thing

Alexis Madrigal’s article yesterday, That time 2 Bots were Talking, and Bank of America Butted In, got me to thinking about operations in the Network Age. As bots become more “life like” and are integrated into the various and sundry aspects of the Internet of Things, will they also be used to defend?

I’ve stated before that the Internet is a field of maneuver as apposed to a fortress to defend. However, there must be defense in maneuvering as well. In Infantry school, we learned to defend our unit in the various aspects of a mission and the various aspect of our unit’s size. A small unit’s defensive tactic will be much different than a larger unit’s, as will its mission parameters, scope, and employment.

Nefarious actors able to infiltrate one’s botnet will be able to filter information flow to create false impressions. I remember a few years ago when a teenager in Florida posted an old story about the crash of a certain airline’s airplane for a school project sending that airline’s stock into the ground. It took a day or two for the forensics to show what actually happened.

Trading on the stock exchanges happens at the speed of electrons now. How is that moderated? How is the information that goes into those trading decisions verified? What are the limit factors? Are there limits? What are the trust factors?

Until we adopt Gene Roddenberry’s model of human/computer operation we will be forever at the mercy of those who can beat our bot to the punch-card line. Decision-making is a human endeavor. 


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