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Command and Control or Lead and Trust?

Many years ago in business school, I learned of four different types of leaders. Each leadership type was connected with a particular market environment and stage of organizational development. Over the years I’ve practiced and watched others practice leadership and, … Continue reading

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A holistic approach to cyber security

One of the interesting things I have observed in the development of personal computing, the development of the Internet, and the rise of our technologically connected world, is the change in our language. Particularly the written, now mostly typed, word. … Continue reading

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On Leadership

Of late, I’ve been in discussions about leadership. Are leaders born or made? Has technology changed the skills needed for good leadership? What I’ve learned about leadership has come from a long, winding, and sometimes torturous road. Leadership is about … Continue reading

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Leadership Lesson #2

This has been around a while, but always worth revisiting. From the Wharton Leadership Digest: Lessons in Leadership from a Janitor by Col James E Moschgat  

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Leadership Lessons from my Uncle Robert

My Uncle Robert is a quiet, unassuming man. Very practical and a very strong in his beliefs and steadfast in his way. Not one to be trifled with, Uncle Robert is a very fair and focused man. He is one … Continue reading

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